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Reliable, full-charge bookkeeping that improves your financial systems so profoundly you can’t imagine going back to your old ways.


Whether evaluating structure, updating systems, hiring and training new staff or analyzing results, Moxie has the skills and tools to help.


Running a small business or a non-profit can be intense. Work with Moxie to decrease stress, increase efficiency and make work more enjoyable.


Discovery Package

  • All new clients must begin with the Discovery so that we can have a clear scope of work.
  • Meet with a manager for approximately 2 hours to assess your current books, your on-going needs, and to create a task list with who is responsible for each task moving forward.
  • A Discovery document is prepared that synthesizes the information into a profile of your organization: what systems you need and what tasks will get us there. The next step will either be Bookkeeping (if your books are clean and systems are ready to go) or Advanced Bookkeeping (which designs and implements the systems you need and gets your data up to date).

$295 flat rate

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Full-Charge Bookkeeping

  • You are assigned a bookkeeper from our staff who is supported by a supervisor.
  • The intention is that you keep the same bookkeeper, but we are happy to make substitutions as needed to ensure well-matched personalities and skill levels.
  • Moxie maintains administrative systems so a substitute can do the work if necessary (in cases of sickness or unusual urgency).

$85/hour for full-charge bookkeeping
Off-site work subject to $195/month minimum

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A la Carte Bookkeeping

Some of our favorite clients don’t need bookkeeping monthly and call us every other month, quarterly, or as needed to get them up to date. We strive for the same high level of excellence as we do with our Regular Clients, but require that these clients acknowledge the following caveats:

  • Catch up bookkeeping will be done on cash basis and does not include forensic clean-up
  • Moxie cannot guarantee bookkeeper availability within 30 days
  • Moxie has limited ability to estimate the scope, timeline, and cost of catch up work
  • Moxie does not take responsibility for data backups or the maintenance of documents
  • Client must take responsibility for reviewing reports for clarity and accuracy
  • Client must have their own financial advisory team (or be sufficiently financially literate themselves) and not rely on Moxie to manage regulatory compliance
  • Moxie cannot resolve outstanding questions if the client does not obtain the answer themselves

Rate: $100 / hour

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Advanced Bookkeeping

Following Discovery, a Moxie manager will implement our plan for your financial systems. Includes:

  • Set-up new books
  • Clean-up old or deficient books and systems
  • Convert to a new accounting software platform as needed
  • Training

Base Rate: $150 / hour

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R4: Reconcile, Report & Review on the Regular

Ideal for clients with their own staff available to create and code transactions, but who want a second set of expert eyes to check books monthly to ensure balances are correct, and review basic reports for potential errors. Moxie will confirm that the books are ready to produce excellent reporting by:

  • Reconciling to bank and credit card statements
  • Scouring reports to flush out coding errors
  • Reviewing your questions
  • As needed refinement of Chart of Accounts and classification categories
  • If concerns or errors are found, a call will be scheduled with you to go over the books and make a plan for correction.

$295 flat rate off-site

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Strategic Consulting & CFO-level Service

If your business or organization doesn’t have a trusted advisor acting as a CFO, Moxie can help. We’ll teach you how to review your books for errors, when to ask for help, how to most efficiently use your software and get reports that make sense. We can assess your situation to suggest improvements, automation, and software to make your life easier.

Our consulting services include:

  • Budget development
  • Budget tracking
  • Cash flow projections
  • Presentation development for Boards and Investors
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Calculating and understanding financial ratios
  • Setting business goals
  • Strategic and succession planning
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Creating and implementing sales systems
  • Delivering consistently excellent customer service
  • Creating and evaluating marketing plans
  • Database development
  • Human Resources (recruitment & hiring systems, onboarding, etc.)

$150/hour; $100/hour for our Regular Clients

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Virtual CFO Services

Explore analysis of gross margin, pricing, overhead, burn rate, cost allocations, billing rates and more. Deepen your understanding not just of your business, but of small business in general, and get industry specific reports to see how you compare to your industry peers.


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Coaching & Job Placement


Running a small business can be challenging. You’ve put your heart, soul, and savings into your work – and you can end up working long hours, taking on all the risk, and losing motivation. Working with an experienced coach can change this.

Ean Murphy is Moxie’s certified business coach. Since 2012, she’s provided small business owners, consultants, and freelancers with the tools and support to make effective decisions. Ean helps streamline systems and identify ways to make your work more efficient, profitable, and even fun again.

After an intensive initial assessment, clients meet with Ean three times per month on the phone or via Skype.

Cost is sliding scale depending on the needs and capacity of your business.

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Job Placement

Moxie can help you find the right employee. We offer an array of services that you can customize to meet your needs, including:

  • Craft a great job posting based on your specific needs
  • Post the position anonymously on your behalf, utilizing job boards connected to your field
  • Sort and review submissions
  • Forward to promising candidates
  • Pre-qualifying potential candidates (e.g. calling references)
  • Conduct electronic-based assessments (skills and/or personality)
  • Assist with interviews – either as a guest or initial interviewer
  • Assist with onboarding and training your new hire
  • Provide ongoing support to new staff and/or client point person

Flat rate: 20% of offered salary – covers posting and assessment fees, approx. 3-5 postings per position. Payable in installments. 6-month guarantee: If your new hire doesn’t work out during, or at end of first 6 months, we start over without additional fees.

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Other Services

  • 1099 preparation
  • Audit Preparations for non-profit organizations – both annual audits and/or a forensic audit by a government agency.
  • Clerical and Data Entry Services: When the client has a major one-off data entry project or maintains a controller-level staff role but needs regular bookkeeping, we can supply clerical and data entry services alone at discounted rates.

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