Valentine’s Day is a great time to take stock of what inspires you in your work and to find ways to amplify what you love about what you do.  

But, for too many of us, our rewards are limited to positive feelings of accomplishment and purpose while we put too much time, energy, and resources into the business.  We love our business but it doesn’t always love us back like it should. We promised ourselves freedom, balance, and sustainable financial compensation for our work, but we haven’t always seen those promises kept.  

  • What one thing would you change that would have the most positive impact?
  • What are your 2019 goals to feel more satisfaction and less stress?
  • What self-care techniques do you practice to ensure you are at your best?
  • Who can give you more support to help with the parts of work you enjoy less?

It’s great to love what you do, but it’s even better when your business loves you back and makes your whole life better.  Is that what a great partner is supposed to do?

At Moxie, one of the big changes we made in 2018 was to implement the Profit First cash management system to bring clarity to our finances (yes, even bookkeepers need additional support!) and in the first 6 months we were able to increase our profit by 5%, owners equity pay out by 8% and tax savings by 10%.  We loved the system so much we became a Profit First Certified firm so we can show you how to get similar results. Give us a call or schedule an appointment if you’d like to know how to get more love back from your business.

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