Small business owners work long hours and pour their hearts into their businesses. Entrepreneurs are immersed in their businesses day in and day out, carrying around all the stresses that come with running one’s own business.

This Valentine’s Day take the time to reflect on what inspires your work and what you love about what you do. Take the time to remember what motivates you to put in the long hours and endure the daily stressors.

Ask yourself these questions to guide in your reflection:

What do you love most about your business?
What one thing would you change that would have the most positive impact?

What do you love most about being a business owner?
What are your 2017 goals to feel the love and less stress?

What do you love most about your employees?
What can you do to let them know you love them – in the way they want to hear?

What self-care techniques do you practice to ensure you are in the best position to lead your business?

Remember, loving your business and loving your work inspires others to love and appreciate that work as well.

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