It’s tax time and that means it is time for you to make a very important decision. It is time to decide just who will prepare your taxes.

So, how should you decide? Most importantly, you are going to want someone who will make sure that you are in full compliance with tax laws while also minimizing your taxes in accordance with your situation.

You can find tips from the IRS on basics of choosing a tax preparer here:

Follow these additional tips to make the wisest choice:

1) Know what you want/need and what is available: If you have a complex financial situation, you may not want to choose a tax preparer for the general public or those with simple tax prep needs. You may instead consider a large CPA firm or a freelance CPA who has come recommended by a trusted source.

2) Be ready to answer questions: A good preparer will have a lot of questions to investigate your personal or business tax circumstances. You want to be asked lots of questions to ensure that the preparer is thorough in their investigation of your finances so that they are best able to prepare your taxes and give you accurate and trustworthy advice specific to your unique financial situation.

3) Choose someone with a reputation of preparing taxes for others with similar financial circumstances: You want to find a preparer who isn’t surprised by your situation. They should have experience in preparing taxes for others who have similar business(es) and financials and can offer you insights gained from preparing taxes for others similar to yourself for a number of years.

4) Choose someone who does not ignore your inquires: You will have lots of questions and should be seeking answers and seeking understanding of your taxes and the ins and outs of your tax prep. A good preparer will be a good listener and provide full answers with a willingness to help you understand so that you can ensure accurateness.

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