In today’s world, having the right team can make all the difference between great companies and those that flounder for years on end. Without the right people around you, it’s hard to take your business to the next level. That is why you should be looking through social media profiles when recruiting new candidates. Here are four things you can learn about them when doing just that:

Social Tendencies

Looking at someone’s Facebook or Twitter profile is more than just casual observation. You can get an insight into how they conduct themselves and what they are posting about. Do they constantly talk about partying on the weekends, or are they more focused on business-friendly behaviors and goal setting? These are questions that social media can answer very quickly.

Scholastic Performance

Their GPA, or grade point average, can be a great indicator of their work ethic and success at previous levels. Thankfully, LinkedIn and other social platforms let employees brag about these accomplishments and list them for all to see. In addition to GPAs, look at the classes they took, the schools they went to, and even the scholarships they earned. These can give you a clue as to their work ethic.

Communication Ability

Being able to communicate is crucial in modern business. This is true for coworkers, for management, and for customers. No matter which department you are hiring for, look at their ability to communicate their ideas and points with video and text online. Watch out for lazy typos and other signs that they don’t understand how they come off to the greater world. If they’re making these mistakes on social, they could be making them for your business as well.

Leadership and Motivation Skills

Having great leadership is particularly helpful if you are bringing someone on to watch over others. From executive positions to sales management roles, you’ll need someone that can inspire and move others to action. Look at their social media to see how many followers they can get and the kinds of responses they generate.

Social media is a must for both employees and employers. Without a great online presence, employees will be a liability because it means they are not connected to the modern digital world and how fast it is moving. So be sure to look for the above traits in your social media scouring and add it to your decision making when bringing new people on board.


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