The hiring process is much more time-consuming and costly than many business owners realize. When you’re sifting through dozens of applications and sending out blasts on job search sites, you can end up making quite an investment. To make the whole process easier and save time and money, you should use these three tips.

Use Job Search Platforms

Job search platforms have revolutionized the hiring process. Employers can post a job and be as specific as necessary with requirements for candidates. These can include what sort of education, work experience, and training candidates need to have. You can use filtering to screen out candidates who don’t have certain words or phrases in their resum√© or cover letters. While you still need to look over applications and choose the most qualified candidate, a job search platform can help you get to that point much faster. If you are looking for a freelancer, Upwork lets you can see performance and rates on past jobs.

Use Aptitude Tests

Someone might seem like they’re the perfect candidate until they start working and you realize just how in over their head they are. Aptitude tests allow you to gauge just how much ability a candidate has. You can test for specific traits or skills prior to hire, which can help ensure that the time and money invested in an employee’s training is spent on the right individual the first time. While all employees need some guidance when they start, you shouldn’t have to spoon-feed them information that they should already know. A well-structured aptitude test can help you find candidates with the traits you’re looking for, such as being detail-oriented or capable of thinking critically. Its also important to hire for personality and good cultural fit for your office – even if everyone works remotely. 16Personalities can help you see what kind of a person you are interviewing and if they have the soft skills needed to get along. Make sure you test their skill on a small project to confirm the person can do what they say they can!

Hire Remote Workers

If you want to expand your team but are worried that you don’t have the space for it, there’s a solution. Hiring people to work remotely from home allows you to bring in talented individuals who can work from the comfort of a familiar environment. Before you hire remote workers, you need to make sure that they have a reliable and secure internet connection and that they are self-motivated, as working from home means that they’ll need to have plenty of self-discipline. Through hiring remote workers, you can help keep your rent costs reasonable.

All of these tips can make a difference in the hiring process but always trust your gut, too. You can find the right employees by leveraging sites and tools that do assessments for you, helping to filter to those who are best equipped to handle the position. You help to keep your business financially in-check by not throwing away time and money when hiring. A more efficient hiring process can lead to a more efficient business. Hire slow, fire quick!

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